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It Shall Be Well With Nigeria, Says Archbishop Idahosa At CGMi Lagos Central Bishopric

It Shall Be Well With Nigeria, Says Archbishop Idahosa At CGMi Lagos Central Bishopric

As members and everyone associated with the Church of God Mission continue to remember the passing unto glory of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the mission’s founder 22 years ago, one thing many people have realized is the fact that the path remains bright over two decades after Idahosa’s death. That is the reality today but it was understandably so far-fetched many years ago when the preacher and pathfinder departed from this side of existence.
Many said without him, the church, like many before it, would find it difficult to maintain its vision. Founded back in 1962 by the larger-than-life Idahosa, who was handed specific instructions by God, saying: “Raise up an army for me, to go with the gospel to all Nations.
Gather together those whom I have called and I will send them with the fire of my spirit. Give my word and your example to many who will go to teach, preach and heal,” Church of God Mission took roots in Edo State but has since become a global mission.
In a move that could only have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, the church has not only been sustained but has developed even more under the leadership of his wife, Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa. And to further increase the reach and encourage members, Archbishop Idahosa recently paid what members called an Apostolic Visit to the Lagos Central Bishopric located at NNPC Road, Ejigbo, Lagos State.
The objective, according to her, was to bless the people so that they can continue to be fervent for God. If anything, her visit, which heralded a carnival-like atmosphere in around the vast church premises, excited the large congregation at the Lagos Central Bishopric of Church of God Mission International to no end.
Aside from the church being overcrowded on account of her visit, it also saw members, either men, women and even children, were gaily dressed along with the choir serenading her, and by extension, everyone in attendance, with soulful tunes time and again. Her coming also to the dedication of the church’s newly-built education centre, Word of Faith Group of Schools.
As she dedicated the building and showered prayers on the group pf schools, she stated her appreciation to the leadership of the Lagos Bishopric led by Bishop Matthew Egwowa. She also touched on the importance of education, a point not lost on anyone who knows about the mission, with the impressive Benson Idahosa University having become a point of reference in the country and beyond since its establishment many years back. “Education is life. Education is progress.
Education is mind development and education is civilization. Any country that looks down on civilization should be ready for extinction. Thanks be to God that things are changing now. I believe there will be more changes in future years. It is relevant,” she said.
“I am proud of the Bishop because of the development he had brought to the Church in Lagos. We in Benin-City speak so much about his achievements,” she added while showering encomiums on members of the choir and congregation for staying by the course in the church and during the service that followed.
During her brief yet powerful sermon, the respected cleric stressed that Christians remain the light in the world of darkness and ought to replicate all the good works that Christ did while He was on earth and win souls into God’s Kingdom. Speaking with journalists on contemporary issues in Nigeria during a special session, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, who disclosed the visit as her first apostolic visit, said she came to bless members of the Church for working in tandem with the headquarters in Benin City, Edo State.
“It shall be well with Nigeria. I believe by the special grace of God, we are winning the war against all forms of insecurity and other challenges we are passing through as a country. They will soon be a thing of the past. I believe in progress and Nigeria must progress and we hope and believe that things will change for better in our country. “I believe in the team that is winning and I believe we are winning in the name of Jesus. What is wrong today can be rewritten tomorrow.
I know that to be in a position of power in Nigeria is not easy, but I believe in God and I believe in whoever is there. That does not necessarily mean that I am in politics. I am not APC, PDP etc. I just believe in progress. This country must progress.
I believe that God has spoken that 2025 this country will be a thing of joy and men will aspire to come here.” Also speaking, the Bishop of Lagos, Church of God Mission Int’l, Bishop Matthew Egwowa, expressed his joy regarding having the Archbishop in Lagos while charging the members to continue to be agents of change in their various communities.

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