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How Internet, Pornography Causes Mental Illness

How Internet, Pornography Causes Mental Illness

A consultant psychiatrist at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu, Dr. Nook Obayi, has identified internet, drug, pornography, and alcohol addiction, as well as cigarette smoking and gaming, as some of the causes of mental illness in Nigeria. Obayi said the consumption of such drugs as Indian hemp, tramadol, and other such related drugs could also cause mental illness.
Presenting a paper, titled; “Addictions and mental illness – an overview,” at a symposium organised by the Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, Enugu State chapter, yesterday, the medical practitioner warned Nigerians against drug and internet addiction.
He pointed out that the consequences of the bad habits could have long psychological effect. He said: “If you watch anyone involved in internet or drug addiction closely, you will notice that his behaviour is changing and it is not normal, and that is a strong signal of mental illness.”
On the way forward, Obayi advised those affected to change their life style, carry out periodic physical exercise, and avoid stress and consumption of illicit drugs as Indian hemp. He added: “Depression is a major cause of suicide, any behaviour that is not in conformity with society should be reported for close monitoring.”

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