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ASRTI Wants Aviation Stakeholders To Plan For 2025, Beyond

ASRTI Wants Aviation Stakeholders To Plan For 2025, Beyond

Nigeria’s foremost aviation non-governmental organisation, Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI) has called on aviation stakeholders in Nigeria to chart a future for the industry by planning ahead in preparation for year 2025 and beyond.
The call was made at the 2019 4th Quarter ASRTI Business Breakfast Meeting (BBM) held on Thursday at Golfview Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, with the theme, Nigerian Aviation Beyond 2025.
In his welcome address, President of ASRTI, Elder Gbenga Olowo said it had become necessary for stakeholders to plan the future of airports, airlines and other segments of the sector to guarantee the survival of the sector beyond 2025.
Participants at the forum were in agreement with the fact that the government should provide an enabling environment for aviation businesses to grow in the interest of the future.
There was also a consensus opinion that today’s aviation professionals should define where Nigeria’s aviation sector is expected to be by 2025 and plan for it. Otherwise, the younger generation who lack the nationalistic and patriotic attitude that some existing professionals have, will do just anything, including surrendering the nation’s tangible and intangible assets to foreigners, provided they get desired air passenger comfort, experience and safety.
“The present is a product of the past and the future will come from the present,” stated the Chief Executive Officer of Belujane Konzult Limited, Mr. Chris Aligbe.
“Those who deal with the everyday sector of our lives need to up their game and do things the way they ought to be done,” said Professor Anthony Kila, moderator of the programme.
Former Managing Director of defunct Nigeria Airways Limited, Mr. Yomi Jones stressed the need to review the compensation package for civil servants that gives them control of huge funds while they receive peanuts as salaries, stating that it is this factor that has made them more committed to contracts inflation, unnecessary allowances-generating activities, and other personal interest endeavours, which amount to corruption and corrupt tendencies against national interest and the future.

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