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Man Breaks Into Funeral Home, Makes Love To Corpse

Man Breaks Into Funeral Home, Makes Love To Corpse

A judge, on Wednesday, agreed to a psychiatric evaluation for 23-year-old Kasim Khuram, before he is sentenced after he admitted to breaking into a funeral home and having sex with a corpse.

Punch reports that Khuram from Aston, in Birmingham, pleaded guilty to an offence of sexual penetration of a body at the Co-Op Funeral Home in Walsall Road, in the city’s Great Barr area, on November 11, reports Metro UK.

The judge told Khuram he faced a ‘substantial’ jail term, if the psychiatric report, showed, he was mentally stable.

Khuman admitted to breaking into the building with the intention of stealing.

The offence he admitted stated, “You intended an act of penetration by a part of a body, by a part of your body. The penetration being sexual and knowing or being reckless as to knowing that is what was being penetrated.”

Judge Francis Laird QC said, “I will adjourn your sentence to the date that has been raised in court. ‘I will allow your solicitors the appropriate time to present to the court a medical report which your solicitor thinks will assist in delivering the appropriate sentence for you.

‘But you must be under no illusion that you will receive a sentence of imprisonment for your offence in this case – a substantial sentence of imprisonment.”

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