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How I Will Make Lagos A Better Place, By ANDP Guber Candidate

How I Will Make Lagos A Better Place, By ANDP Guber Candidate

The Lagos State gubernatorial candidate of Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party (ANDP) in the forthcoming 2019 general elections, Hon. (Dr.) Oluwasegun Mutairu Musa says if elected into office as the State Governor, he would make the state a better place with an all inclusive government and bring government closer to Lagos residents through an e-government policy, provide comfort and care for elderly people as well as free, compulsory and value added education for children.

Speaking at a press conference held in Lagos this afternoon, Musa who is one of the 50 beacons in Nigeria’s maritime industry, with three decades experience in transport planning and a Masters Degree in International Relations & Industrial Studies, said he had a peculiar strategy that could decongest vehicular traffic in Lagos, adding that he planned to implement a five-pillar agenda that includes Green Economy (Agriculture potentials), Blue Economy (Aquatic potentials), practical autonomy of Local Governments, job creation and employment opportunities for jobless youths.

Musa noted that infrastructure development ought not to be a political campaign tool, as it is actually part of every government’s primary responsibility.

He said it was wrong for state governments to depend solely on revenues from local governments because each local government had capacity to operate as successful governments.

He added that if elected into office, he would empower the local governments, encourage higher educational institutions in the state to generate revenues outside tuition fees, tackle challenge of drainage in the Island by tracing the drainage channels and decentralize carriage of refuse to curb refuse problems.

Hon. (Dr.) Musa has been the first person in Nigeria to serve as chairman of aviation maritime union for as long as 12 years.


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