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What An Average Nigerian Goes Through

What An Average Nigerian Goes Through

What we need, if we must survive as a nation, is a more inclusive government devoid of nepotism and the usual double-standard politics we have become accustomed to, writes Babatunde Badmus in Tribune.

Since the old order has failed us, there is an urgent need for a swift paradigm shift. We must desist from recruiting just anybody to steer the affairs of our nation. Rather than ethnicity, religion, past socio-political affinities/sqaubbles and all other erstwhile lame considerations, we must begin to consider merit in our process of choosing leaders. Nigeria is in a very critical condition, and so needs good heads that understand the workings of macroeconomics. We cannot continue to nurture the same lifeless hope often summarised in the statement: ‘E go better,’ when in actual fact, things are continuously deteriorating beyond endurable magnitudes.

Government can be likened to a living, breathing, and evolving creature. In the burgeoning stages of its growth, it is not perfect. It is weak, and riddled with flaws. As the flaws are exposed to exploitation by fate over time, adaptation then takes place, and the organism changes in such a way as to better serve the purpose of eliminating, or accommodating these flaws. Though evolution occurs at different rates, evolution itself nonetheless remains inevitable given a change in circumstances but how long are we going to wait before things take shape? The luxury and extravagant lifestyle of the Executives as well as the Legislators has not reduced from what it used to be. The corrupt party men have never been tamed irrespective of the noise made by some who claim to desire a CHANGE.

Industries are yet to be erected across all geopolitical zones for mass employment of our vibrant, energetic youths. The  economy is almost bleeding to death. Yet, we  have not seen any need to shun nepotism and make this country great through the capable hands we have across the country. Many made calls for political restructuring, but it all fell on deaf ears. But the truth remains the same; if we must move forward, we must restructure our political system; then the so-called anti-corruption war can be fought. Aside from being a party man, I voted PMB for these simple reasons. He came, like a messiah, wielding the sword of popular support in his hands, but he did nothing but just brandish the sword in vain! I thought by now, Nigeria would have been a better place for all.

My thoughts:  if Buhari had made good use of the sword he wielded, by now, countries of the world would have been tempted to embrace Nigerians into their borders visa-free. Now, Nigerian youths and women have become objects of sheer ridicule at globall immigration offices. If only our economy could just work! Africa is ready to move forward, but Nigeria is still asleep. African countries have begun to integrate in order to allow for collective development of the sub-region;  but they just cannot deal with the influx of Nigerian populations overburden their own economies. Are we not ashamed? South Africa, with its large business empires here in Nigeria, has never thought about taking our friendship any further. Recently, South Africa gave Ghanaians free entry into their country but would never do such for Nigerians.

I was expecting the American Embassy to release a figure on the massive decline on the numbers of visa applicants from the Giant of Africa but reverse has been the case. Despite the huge visa denial by the American embassy, Nigerians still save up their hard earned money to still apply trying to leave this hell called a country. I was expecting to see real investors trooping (not on news papers) in to invest and erect industrial estates where our people can be gainfully employed. Another sets of Corp members will have their POP on Thursday, they will be coming to the already suffocating labor market. Shey na like this we go dey dey? I was expecting a thorough cleaning of the Civil service and total overhaul of the NNPC.  I was expecting rapid executive orders and political will to amend that constitutional loopholes in our constitution which is not making us move forward.

I wasn’t expecting much from this administration but I do not expect that we would be here with some steps backward. I am first a Nigerian before being a party man and I must say that, National development is one of the reasons why I joined politics. We are moving close to another time where history will be written again. Well, many opinions will be formed and perceptions will be managed. It is in the nature of man to err and it is also in the nature of the same  man to seek forgiveness and it is for God to overlook our shortcomings. An example is the Story of the Prodigal son in the Bible and the story of Simon Peter after he denied Jesus Christ. Let our campaign be issues oriented and not character assassination. Whether we like it or not, we don’t have any other country aside from Nigeria. We are Nigerians and we are the one that will make it work for all.I will vote for a WAZOBIA government.



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