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Exposed! How Nigerian Politicians Do Rituals For Electoral Victory

Exposed! How Nigerian Politicians Do Rituals For Electoral Victory

But for providence, he would have been slaughtered like a sacrificial lamb. His assailants – three of them had lured him to the Ogun River banks in the dead of the night.

Telegraph reports that everything was on course according to their plans. They had with them, three polythene bags which would be used in packing their shares of their victim’s body parts after they would have killed and collected his blood in a calabash. They had a giant flash light and a short, but sharp matchetee. This was not to be as Ganiyu Idowu, 62, Alfa Bamgbola Edun, 56 and Mathew Odunewu 62, were stopped in their track from killing a teenager simply identified as Segun. Acting on a tip off, operatives of the Federal Special Anti – Robbery Squad (F – SARS), Ogun state, and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Adigbe Division, who had laid ambush for the trio stopped them, as they were about to go into action.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ahmed Iliyasu, while parading them at the State Command headquarters Eleweran, recently said they connived to commit the offence on August 30.

“On interrogation, they confessed that the polythene bags with them were to be used to collect their respective shares of the victim’s body parts after killing him. They would be taken to court on completion of investigation” he added.

Last year, a Facebook user identified as Sulaiman Muhammed, took to the social networking platform to share some shocking photographs. He alleged that a top female Lagos politician was caught while slashing the throat of a little boy for ritual purposes.

In the post, he named a Lagos female politician and wrote: “The face of a ritualist politician….. She is about to contest for the position of chairman of the Local Government. She was caught in the act by some good ‘Samaritans’ and the information and the photographs were passed to security agencies.

“The woman is now on the run. Quest for political power and blood money. One day, we shall all give account of our journey in this wilderness before our creator. Let us expose evil doers in this country.”

Welcome to the world of politicians, who engage in rituals for the purpose of acquiring power, fame and influence. Sunday Telegraph investigations revealed that cases of missing persons are always on the rise, when elections are approaching.

“There are always cases of missing persons when elections are getting close,” volunteered a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) and Divisional Police Officer (DPO), who spoke with the weekly newspaper on condition of anonymity.

“The ritual killings by politicians is an inner caucus thing. It is always difficult to prove, as there is always no concrete evidence. It takes one in 10 cases to get the real culprits, as the ones caught are always errand boys. The real god fathers are difficult to come by. It is in rare cases that suspects are busted like we had in Adigbe recently.”

Talking about rare cases, the Ogun state Command, recently had one. This was dividend of a One – day sensitization workshop, where it appealed to relevant stakeholders on the need for everyone to be security conscious, as it is no longer the business as usual. Tagged: “A Day Seminar for All Birth Attendants, Alternative Medicine Practitioners and Spiritualists,” they solicited for their cooperation and support in the policing of the state.

Also, they gave them the telephone contacts of all Area Commanders and DPO’s and told them that there would be no excuse for anyone not to expose criminals and crime, even before it was committed. “It was one of such that led to the tip off on the bursting of the three- man gang,” volunteered our source.

Others may go for a less risky or the one which does not involve human life. They may choose to carry ebo (sacrifice), which they would deposit or place at a junction usually in the dead of the night.

The video of a member of the Osun state House of Assembly Timothy Owoeye, recently went viral. In the said video, Owoeye, who was in his birthday suit, was alleged to be carrying Ebo (sacrifice), when he was arrested by vigilant group. He was heard pleading with those who arrested him that they should be lenient with him.

Those who spoke with Sunday Telegraph said that some would go into the forest to perform weird rituals, chanting incantations while bathing with human blood. “Others walk about naked, cursing their opponents, while making supplication to an unknown god/diety for favour before their god fathers and the electorates”, said a spiritualist. The gods demand fresh heads, legs of human beings to give them in return power, fame and victory.”

An herbalist Oseni Bello, who was arrested some time ago, admitted to be preparing concoction with human body parts but said he was not involved in the killings. Oseni disclosed that some of the rituals were done to elongate lives. He added that the heart was used to prepare concoction for boldness and fear.

Furthermore, he stated that virgins and babies on the other hand, were used by some politicians and government officials for ritual purposes as their blood is said to be used to elongate the user’s life span, as well as fortify them against spiritual attacks. These are some of the reasons, he said, killings for rituals are on the increase.

A particular case in mind was that of a South-West politician alleged to have been caught by his driver with a dissected day-old baby, whose blood he was drinking. The incident as reported two years ago, occurred inside a bush, while the driver was taking his boss (names withheld) to a function. Half way into the journey, the politician was said to have ordered his driver to pull over. He thereafter, alighted and headed for a bush with a promise to be back. Having waited without any sight of his boss, the ignorant and curious driver reportedly went in search of him, only to meet him stark naked and pouring the blood of a dissected baby into his mouth.

Barely two weeks later, the driver reportedly died under mysterious circumstance. The event that occurred before his death was related by a Pastor friend whom the deceased confided in before his demise.

The lust for money and power drives these people into ritual killings. While some kill to achieve this unfathomable dream, others resort to digging graves and removing needed human parts for ritual purpose.

Sunday Telegraph gathered that most guards at cemeteries connive with agents to sell human parts. It was learnt that if a fresh human head is needed, an agent will contact some cemetery workers ahead. In this case, the cemetery official will be on the lookout for fresh dead bodies, preferably those of Muslims, who are usually buried within 24 hours after death. Immediately the body is interred, they exhume the body at night, cut off the needed parts and place the body back in the grave.

Those who patronize cemetery officials are usually herbalists, herbal traders and even prominent Nigerians who usually  use middle men.

Surprisingly, human parts are sold in some markets in Nigeria. We gathered that a fresh human head could go for N60,000 and above, while a skull is sold for N20,000. Fresh legs are sold for N30,000 each while a decomposed leg is sold for N20,000. A fresh finger is sold for N5,000 each while the decomposed is sold for 3,000. Fresh intestines are sold for N20,000 while dry ones are sold for N5000. Pieces of fresh bones are sold for N2,000 and above.

At the advent of the current dispensation, precisely in 2003, there was the story of political god fathers and sons, who when they fell apart, spilled the beans. There was the story of a serving minister, who was alleged to have gone to swear to an oath at Okija Shrine in Anambra state.

Still, others engage clerics on both divides – Islam and Christianity, to pray for them. These special prayers with fasting and vigils, some last 90 days, depending on how desperate the politician in question is. Others go to missions with large congregations, to request for special prayers on their behalf.

At the sea shore, prayers and special bathing are held, just to attract favour. “Depending on their stars, some are told not to eat certain foods or avoid certain colours,” said another cleric.
What then are the implications of these?
Ritual killings by politician to gain electoral victory have far reaching implications on the wellbeing of country and people, said Lagos Regional Overseer, Motalatu Church of God, Rev James Akinadewo.

“Such politicians are actually heaping more trouble on our nation; because God will never bless a nation where His laws are broken with impunity. God said that we should not kill or shed innocent blood. The truth is; God is angry with Nigeria because of the too many atrocities of the people and letting of innocent blood in this nation.

“Except, there is repentance, God will not bless this nation and there will be more trouble in the land. He said, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, repent of their sins and seek my face, I will heal their land and forgive their sins.
“The country should organize a national deliverance session and people must repent of their sins. But if politicians, ritual killers and evil doers continue to desecrate the land, I am afraid, disaster looms in this nation.”

Bishop Remi Oluwadipe of Kingdom Driven Lifestyle Ministries, said that stories about ritual killings by power seeking politicians and other individuals are often read in newspapers. “It is also common knowledge that people have so degraded humanity by using human parts in the quest for satanic powers.

“Just as God said when Cane killed his brother Abel; the blood of the innocent being used for ritual purposes daily cry up to God. The cry goes against any land where such atrocities are committed and God is angry with the people and land where the blood of the innocent is raised. So, politician who do human ritual to gain political power are bringing far reaching wickedness against the people of the land. The only way for such land to experience the blessings of God is to repent and desist from further wickedness.”

Founder of Omnipotence Daramola Oloruntimilehin, frowned at politicians who perform human rituals for power. According to him, Africans like to seek for power through shedding the blood of the innocent. “Any person who gets power through evil power to rule a nation will definitely reign as a wicked ruler. He will bring so much wickedness to his country and people because he is full of wickedness.

“God is angry with such evil rulers because God forbids killing of human beings. My idea of governance is to better the lives of the people and bring about economic, political growth and development in the society. I warn any politician who seek evil power to rule this country to stop because they only bring trouble to the land.”


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