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Nigerian Market Where People Survive On Chicken

Nigerian Market Where People Survive On Chicken

There is this chicken market in Kaduna State, the largest in the northern part of the country where  survival of many is tied to its fortune, even as the operators hope and pray for government intervention for its expansion.

Tribune reports that the poultry business in Nigeria is worth N1.2 trillion, while about 1.5 million tons of poultry is consumed annually. Unfortunately, only 30 per cent of that volume is produced in the country. The remaining 70 per cent is imported, and also smuggled into the country, as frozen poultry products. Though the federal government has been making efforts to implement a ban order on poultry importation into the country, it has not really succeeded for unexplained reasons. Similarly, local poultry farmers have not been able to fill in the very wide gap between local production and actual consumption. In these days of unemployment, one area that is believed could provide employment for Nigerian youth is the poultry business. Unfortunately, they do not see opportunities in the industry.

An example of where ample opportunity exists in the sector is the Kaduna Bird Market on Sokoto Road. The market is reputed to be the biggest poultry market in Northern Nigeria. Buyers regularly throng the market on a daily basis to buy chickens in large volumes. Hundreds of customers go to the market to buy chickens, including local ones. Other species of birds that can be bought in the market include pigeon, guinea fowl, duck, turkey, ostrich, geese, parrot and peacock.


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